Volkswagen loses at Koblenz higher regional court

12. June 2019

The Koblenz Higher Regional Court ruled today in case 5 U 1318/18 that consumers have a claim for rescission of the purchase contract due to intentional immoral damage against Volkswagen. This is the first consumer-friendly ruling by a higher regional court in the emissions scandal against Volkswagen.

In the specific case, our client had purchased a used VW Sharan with the EA 189 engine in 2014 and had the software update performed to avoid a driving ban. The action was dismissed by the Bad Kreuznach Regional Court in the first appeal.

The Koblenz Higher Regional Court has now ordered Volkswagen to pay 25,616.10 euros plus interest to our client. To this end, the Koblenz Higher Regional Court affirmed an immoral act of deception by VW and also assumed that the act of deception was also attributable to the Volkswagen Group, since senior executives and the Board of Management must have been aware of it.

We are pleased that the Higher Regional Court of Koblenz has followed our legal opinion in all essential points and has finally ruled in favor of our client after a strenuous legal battle.