Capital market law

As a commercial law firm based in the capital region, we offer comprehensive and individually tailored advice in the area of capital market law. Our experienced attorneys at law and tax consultants serve you with a wealth of expertise.

Capital market law encompasses numerous areas of law that cannot be considered in isolation from one another. Capital market law governs all legal relationships in connection with investments in companies. These can be shares or participations in open and closed fund models, such as real estate funds. We advise issuers, investors and shareholders comprehensively on the opportunities and risks of various types of investments. The demand for advice is particularly heightened in times of crisis. We stand by your side in crisis situations, accompany you to shareholders’ and partners’ meetings and advocate your interests and rights.

Our core competencies also include banking law. Based on our extensive experience, we advise you on all banking products, especially on loans. Our services in capital market and banking law include above all:

  • Examination of investment prospectuses
  • Advice in the crisis
  • Assertion of shareholder rights
  • Representation at general meetings and shareholders’ meetings
  • Prospectus liability claims
  • Examination of revocation rights for investments and loans
  • Examination of securities, such as mortgages and land charges