Commercial and Civil Law

We assist domestic and foreign companies of all sizes in all matters of commercial and civil law. Economic growth of companies primarily requires taking the right decisions. For this, it is necessary to correctly assess the legal, fiscal and economic framework conditions. The latter especially are in a constant state of flux and require careful analysis and planning with regard to their effects.

We pursue an interdisciplinary consulting approach. We work together with you to assert your claims and goals in the best possible way from a legal, tax and economic perspective and to find solutions tailored to your needs. In this context, we focus on avoiding legal disputes by providing timely and comprehensive advice. Should a legal dispute be unavoidable, we will of course represent you comprehensively and competently before all local, state and higher regional courts.

All these factors also apply to international contracts, since these require legal as well as economic expertise and, in addition, litigation can often take place before a foreign court. Owing to the complexity of these matters, we therefore represent numerous clients in the capital region in their business relations with foreign partners.

The main emphases of our commercial and civil law activities are:

  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing civil and commercial contracts
  • Minimization of industry-specific risks through appropriate hedging instruments
  • Avoidance and management of liability problems
  • Advice in the event of breach of contract
  • Out-of-court representation in all disputes
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings
  • Litigation at home and abroad