Digitization for your legal processes

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Market advantage through legal tech solutions

Digitization poses new challenges for all industries, but it also brings great opportunities and enormous growth potential – especially for the legal market. For a long time, many attorneys at law have turned a deaf ear to technical innovations. However, in the meantime, such companies will no longer be able to stay in the competitive market. Our legal tech company, Golden-Tech, develops technical solutions that will help your law firm, legal department or start up move forward and set you apart from your rivals.

By combining IT and law, recurring processes can be supported with the help from artificial intelligence. This saves numerous man-hours and allows attorneys at law and legal service providers to focus on the truly essential issues of their work.

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For example, contract files, data records and entire facts can be viewed, evaluated and managed by automatic text recognition software. Artificial intelligence can also aid in the drafting of contracts and statements of claim. This simplifies all the processes involved in legal proceedings, from the creation of files and the preliminary proceedings to the preparation and dispatch of the statement of claim.