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Claus J. Goldenstein

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People want to know all about the flow of money and services within a company. That’s what accounting is for: It systematically records the movements of money and services and documents and monitors them. We condense the relevant information for our clients so that they can be accountable to the tax office, banks or social insurance agencies at any time. The data we prepare – and, if desired, interpret – is excellent for any company to use for control and planning. Here is a list of fields we work on for you:

Payroll accounting

  • Monthly payroll accounting
  • Construction wages
  • Management of payroll accounts
  • Wage tax registration
  • Contribution statements
  • Preparation of all payment media
  • Electronic data transfer to the appropriate institutions (e.g. tax office, health insurance companies, etc.)
  • Work and remuneration statements
  • Notifications for social insurance
  • Notifications to the employers’ liability insurance association
  • Notifications to the supplementary pension fund of the construction industry
  • Registration and deregistration of employees
  • Participation in wage tax audits
  • Participation in social insurance audits

Financial accounting

  • Setting up bookkeeping
  • Monthly accounting
  • Discussion of net profit or loss for the period (monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • Advance VAT return including supplementary applications and notifications
  • Monthly evaluations; these include for example:
    • Business management evaluation,
    • Controlling report,
    • Liquidity overview,
    • Cash flow statement,
    • Cost and performance accounting,
    • Business comparisons,
    • Open item list
  • Assistance for self-booking
  • Assistance in the selection of accounting systems for self-bookers
  • Assistance in the selection of the chart of accounts (standard, industry or individually created chart of accounts)
  • Assistance in setting up company-specific evaluations for company reporting