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Claus J. Goldenstein

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Financial accounting (prepared by you or by us) is the basis on which we prepare your annual financial statements. During the current fiscal year, we ensure that our clients receive profit projections, interim financial statements and estimates from us. In this way, your annual financial statement becomes a calculable figure that takes into account your needs vis-à-vis credit institutions, investors and the tax authorities.

We are at your service in these areas of annual financial statement work:

  • Auditing and preparation of income and profit statements
  • Opening balance sheets
  • Monthly, quarterly or half-yearly interim financial statements
  • Annual financial statements according to commercial law
  • Annual financial statements according to tax law
  • Annual financial statements according to IAS / IFRS
  • Examination of the plausibility of annual financial statements according to national (commercial and tax law) and international (IAS/ IFRS) accounting standards
  • Co-design and preparation of the notes to the financial statements and the management report
  • Annual financial statement analyses including company and industry comparisons
  • Liquidation balance sheets
  • Statements of assets and liabilities