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Claus J. Goldenstein

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We handle taxes. Whether you are a company, a domestic or foreign entity, a legal entity or a natural person, we have the right solution for you. Each tax return is prepared for the maximum benefit of the client. Here is the range of services that our law firm can provide for you:

Tax returns for individuals

  • Income tax return (ESt) for unlimited and limited taxpayers
  • Application for wage tax reduction
  • Inheritance tax return (ErbSt)
  • Application for homeowner’s allowance

Company tax returns

  • Declaration for the separate and uniform determination of taxation bases
  • Corporate income tax return (KSt)
  • Trade tax return (GewSt)
  • Value added tax return (USt)
  • Value added tax return
  • Application for extension of the permanent deadline and registration of the special advance payment
  • Recapitulative statement
  • Wage tax registration (LSt)
  • Capital gains tax return (KapSt)

Other declaration obligations to the tax office

  • Application for refund of sales tax for domestic and foreign companies
  • Application for refund of construction withholding tax
  • Application for exemption certificate according to § 48 b income tax law (EStG)
  • Application for electricity tax refund
  • Application for mineral oil tax refund
  • Application for issuance of a certificate for employees with limited income tax liability
  • Tax support for permanent establishments of foreign companies
  • Double taxation agreements (DTA)