Trademark Law

We accompany you from trademark registration and administration to the defense of your property rights in the event of trademark infringement. Your trademark sets you apart from your competitors in the market and makes your company unique. The timely protection of your own trademark is therefore often a basic prerequisite for long-term business success.

In the regions where we are located, more and more start-ups are emerging owing to the optimal framework conditions. We advise and support them in the start-up phase, but of course also afterwards. After all, trademark law is not only about the creation of the trademark, but also about its protection and preservation. However, our clients also include medium-sized companies, which hire us to protect their newly developed product designations, among other things. Trademark protection also plays an important role in the reorganization of your company.

Should your trademark be used by a third party to profit from your success, we will support you in defending your trademark. Together with you, we protect your brand, your ideas, your products well in time and thus create the basis for your economic success.

Our range of services in trademark law includes:

  • Individual assessment of the chances of success of your trademark application
  • Identity search in the trademark registers with scope for Germany (DPMA, HABM, WIPO)
  • Preparation of the list of goods and services for your trademark on the basis of the information provided by you
  • Application for German and European trademarks
  • Standard correspondence with the DPMA and other registers
  • Regular monitoring of the state of affairs
  • Examination and forwarding of the receipt and the trademark certificate
  • Monitoring of payment deadlines
  • Monitoring of opposition periods
  • Monitoring of renewal deadlines
  • Defense of your trademark rights in case of use by third parties