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More than ten years of experience
Over 10 years of experience in advising energy companies
Continuity in consulting
With us, you always have the same contact partner, which establishes the mutual trust that is required to efficiently solve your concerns.
Long-term cooperation
More than 5 years of average cooperation with current clients

Goldenstein Energy Law Firm is one of the first law firms to specialise in energy law. Our boutique law firm has been representing corporate groups and medium-sized enterprises in the energy sector for over a decade. We use our experience to advise you confidently and reliably even on highly complex issues relating to energy law. At the same time, with us you always have the same personal contact partner who is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your project. Welcome to a law firm that solves your legal challenges with dedication and understanding for your business model.

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The team

Goldenstein Energy Law Firm is managed by Claus Goldenstein and Sven Goltz. The management is completed by lawyer Dr Magali Kolleck-Feser. Together with our team, we help you solve your legal challenges relating to energy law. We stand for flexible solutions and always work closely with our clients, even though they are located around the world.
Claus Goldenstein
Managing Director, Attorney at law
Sven Goltz
Managing Director, Attorney at law
Dr. Magali Kolleck-Feser
Attorney at Law
Hat Koob
Project Manager


Goldenstein Corporate Law Firm is internationally well networked and yet locally anchored. We have been working for years with the following partners for the benefit of our clients.